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Our Traditional Mural Install Process

Picture Perfect Murals adheres to a tried and proven mural install process. We follow our method to produce a picture perfect result every time.

Our Process:

1- Wall Preparation is the most important step in the process. Imperfections on the wall are magnified once the mural is installed. We fix any holes or drywall dents and imperfections before the mural installation.

2- We make sure that the install surface is smooth and perfectly flat. We use drywall compound to patch and repair any holes, dents and scratches. The install surface is then sanded smooth.

3- Sometimes the wall has texturing from previous drywall work. Which will cause the texturing to show thru the mural. In this case, we plaster and then sand the whole wall area where the mural will be installed.

4- Once wall imperfections are fixed, we clean the wall with a solution of vinegar.

5- Install wall mural: Not all murals are created equal. different murals stretch or shrink differently depending on the mural material, type of glue used and wall prep method. We take into consideration all these details and tailor the install process for your specific case.

6- Enjoy your picture perfect result.

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