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Residential & Commercial Wall Mural Installation Serving: DC, VA & MD

Residential & Commercial Wall Mural Installation Serving: DC, VA & MDResidential & Commercial Wall Mural Installation Serving: DC, VA & MDResidential & Commercial Wall Mural Installation Serving: DC, VA & MD

About Us

Our Company since 1988

Our company is named Picture Perfect Murals because we deliver a picture perfect result all the time.

Picture Perfect Murals is a company that specializes in professional wall mural installations for our residential and commercial customers

Art In Motion

We consider our trade more of an art than anything else.  Our goal is to achieve the artistic vision you have for your space.

Why Us

Give a vibrant look to your space and bring your walls back to life.

Your can trust us to deliver a picture perfect result each time; no wrinkles, no misalignment.

Murals and installations can be an expensive investment. Mural install is a tedious delicate process easily damaged by inexperienced installers. With us you have the peace of mind that your project is in good expert hands (see our install process).

We are confident with the quality of our work.  For this reason we offer a 3-year warranty

Professional Mural Installation Company


Mural Installation

 When you decorate your home the importance of wall paint or wallpaper cannot be denied. A themed wallpaper will add depth to the walls. The worth of a home with flawless walls is far more than a home with dull walls. Thusly, you need Professional Mural Installation Services like ours. We operate in Washington DC, Alexandria, and some other areas of Virginia with utter diligence. Nowadays people install a mural on one wall and some lighter tone paint on other walls of bedrooms. When sunlight enters the room through windows a worth seeing ambiance is created in the room. You can hire our Mural Installation Company for unique designs. These murals will complement your entire home décor. We are using environment-friendly material for the installation of mural wallpapers. Even if you need we can provide you with floor murals manufactured with special PVC material. These wall and floor murals impart an astonishing effect in homes. You can make your home look classy and luxurious by changing murals. It is decorative as well as affordable. Our wall murals will also provide protection to your walls from environmental pollutants that deteriorate the internal structure of walls. 

We are also Covering these Areas:

Washington, D.C >  Falls Church VA >  Arlington VA >  Woodbridge VA >  Alexandria VA >  McLean VA >  Bethesda MD >  Silver Spring MD > Washington VA

Professional Wall Mural Installation Company

Wall Mural Installation

Do you need wall mural professional installation services in Washington DC? We are the ones proffering reliable services free of any hoax and dishonesty. We will show you a range of amazing wall mural designs that will embellish your place with elegance and style. Your home will become a centerpiece in your locality. If you are building a new home or planning to renovate the existing one then wall murals are a considerable option for walls. There are a lot of benefits of preferring mural over wall paint. You have to be cautious while selecting paint quality for different areas in your home. Furthermore, paint is prone to chipping that instantly affects the beauty and décor of your home. A home with chipped wall paint looks ugly and untidy no matter how impeccable its map and structure is. However, if you install a wall mural you can get rid of all these issues. 

Wall murals never chip off and they never look dull. Their cleaning and maintenance are easier than any other material used for covering the walls. Our wall mural contractors take pride in delivering quality services. We are considered one of the best wall mural companies in Washington, D.C, Falls Church VA, Arlington VA, Woodbridge VA, Alexandria VA, McLean VA, Bethesda MD, Silver Spring MD, Washington VA for our affordable rates and custom mural wallpapers. We can prepare the design or mural that you think of. Moreover, we take measurements and adjust the width and height of the mural according to the size of your wall. When it comes to murals we provide everything from A to Z! 


Professional Wallpaper Mural Installation company


Wallpaper Mural Installation

If you feel jaded when you look at your walls then give us a chance to provide you with something exciting. Our professional wallpaper installation services will change the entire décor of your home or office. Our wallpapers are apt equally for residential and commercial areas. Even these wallpapers and murals will protect the structure of walls from mold and mildews. The life of your walls will increase and so will be the life of your house. If you want to protect your walls from the harms of the rainy season then hire our wallpaper mural installation services in  Washington, D.C, Falls Church VA, Arlington VA, Woodbridge VA, Alexandria VA, McLean VA, Bethesda MD, Silver Spring MD, Washington VA.

You would have heard of a 3D effect. Do you know this 3D effect can be installed on our walls? We have murals and wallpapers that will impart a 3-dimensional look in your walls. This effect will make your place look spacious. Your image of the mural will look vibrant and tangible. The onlooker will instantly want to touch the wall where we install wallpapers. We use eco-friendly wallpaper mural installation methods but you can decide the methods and we will opt for that. Customer satisfaction is our priority. 

Professional Mural Wall Hanging Company

Mural Hanger

People who love tapestries and wall hangings need to look at the range of designs that we proffer in Alexandria VA. Not only the designs but we also focus on the quality of wall mural. We make sure that the wall mural serves the purpose of protecting walls. If you want something different and unique for your walls then believe it that mural wall hangings are unconventional as well as beautiful. Our rates are affordable and services are satisfactory. Our hangings will decorate your lounge, bedroom, and corridors. If you want we can deliver waterproof hangings that will last for a long time. So, it is time to invest your money in better things. 

We use practical methods for installing mural wall hangings. Even if you want we will not use glue. Let us take the measurements and deliver a perfect wall hanging for your home or office. We work to enhance the curb appeal of your place. 

Our Company is listed on Citylocal Pro for  Wall Mural Installation. This site has helped us a lot to get maximum clients and also proved beneficial to increase our credibility among local customers. 


Washington, Falls Church, Arlington, Woodbridge, Alexandria, McLean, Bethesda, Silver Spring

We provide Mural Installation, Wall Mural Installation, Wallpaper Mural Installation & Mural Hanging near you at a very affordable rates.